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Jan. 22nd, 2005 @ 06:56 pm (no subject)
The new cd is ok
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Sep. 2nd, 2004 @ 04:31 pm ...
Hey, thought I'd drop a line as some would say. I can't wait for a solid recording of "Blue Eyes".
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Jun. 7th, 2004 @ 11:01 pm (no subject)
N.B.! JFK has updated their site.

Also note that they're working on a new album, and that the music section mentions a song called "Amy" - perhaps a direct reference to Joe Hedges' massively talented younger sibling, Amy Hedges? Mayhaps.

Oh - I found an mp3 of a song called "Lighthouse" on Shareaza recently, and it says it's by JFK and it sounds like JFK. Anyone heard of the song? I've been able to find little on it.
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May. 31st, 2004 @ 12:45 pm I'm a newbie
Current Mood: awake
Hey guys...My name is Diane and I'm new to this community. I just wanted to say hi. I have been to about 10 July for Kings shows. I am sure I have seen some of you around at a show or two. I live in Dayton, Ohio. I really love all of the guys. There music is awesome. I think my favorite new song right now is Just Right and I really like Roadside Ghost too! I think that is all for now. Toodles! Love to you all!
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Napoleon Dynamite
Nov. 18th, 2003 @ 11:07 pm (no subject)
Hey Guys, I was curious who would be interested in coming to a Joe and T Acoustic Show in the Trenton, OH area.

I am planning renting a hall and Joe and T have agreed to play. I just need to get an idea of people that would come. It would be on Dec.23 (The Night Before Christmas Eve as I would like to call it). Please respond if you would come.
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Nov. 5th, 2003 @ 04:05 am Here's the amusing debate...
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Current Music: 12 Stones - Crash
It's been all over the JfK and Bob Guiney boards...

What's everyone's call? Who has the best "Girlfriend" ?

I agree with the statement that JfK fans will lean for our version and Bob fans will like the Bob version...

If you haven't heard them:
Bob Guiney's Girlfriend: Click to stream WMA / Click to stream RealAudio
JfK's Girlfriend: Streaming mp3 / Download mp3

Poll #200684 Who's the best Girlfriend?

Which version do you feel is best?

Bob's all the way
Go with the original, it's gotta be Joe
Eh, I don't care. It's a song
I like 'em both
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Rocking in the free world
Sep. 1st, 2003 @ 02:40 am (no subject)
Here's something interesting...

I was in Oxford and we went to a bar called Balcony. When we were there there was some acoustic act playing cover songs. When we got there I think they were playing something by Tonic or something. When I went to the restroom I could hear the singer mutter "Swim"... and I told my friend "I didn't think that was Joe out there" then I heard the singer mutter "Believe". It happens that they were covering "Believe", it was a weak attemp, but not quite butchering it, but I thought it was kind of cool hearing another act covering JFK.
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Aug. 14th, 2003 @ 11:49 pm (no subject)
Current Mood: wondering...
heyhey. anyone know if JFK is coming to DC, or the area any time soon?? or how to encourage them to come?... *really* wanna see them in concert, but I don't live in cinci. and also, are they gonna release another single anytime soon?? i absolutely love 'SWIM' and hope to hear some great new stuff. thanx.
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Aug. 3rd, 2003 @ 12:25 am just pondering
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i was wandering...i heard that sam is leaving the band.....is that true??
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Jul. 27th, 2003 @ 03:59 pm (no subject)
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I'm an old fan. I used to live up in Cincinnati so i've been able to see JFK play a lot but since moving to Florida I guess I kinda got out of the loop. I'm heading back up for a visit next month so I checked the site to see if they had any shows and it says they are playing the Mad Frog?? What's up with that? I thought they said the last time I saw them play there that they wouldn't be playing there anymore. And did they lose their record deal?? What have I missed here?
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